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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Patriots, Celtics, Bruins And Eagles Steamrolling Opponents In December

The holiday season truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and it's not just because of gifts and parties.

Boston's sports teams are absolutely dominating the opposition in the month of December: the three pro teams, along with Boston College basketball and hockey, have combined for an impressive 25-4 record so far this month.

The Patriots, Celtics and Bruins have combined to go 14-4. The Celtics, who are riding a 12-game winning streak, have the most victories this month of all the teams, going a perfect 8-0. As for the Patriots, they've only played two games, but have won both in convincing fashion. The Bruins have been hanging in there this month as well, posting a 4-4 record.

At the collegiate level, Boston College has been lights out, as the school's men's and women's basketball and ice hockey teams have a combined record of 11-0. Led by head coach Steve Donahue, the Eagles' men's basketball team is 4-0 this month and 7-2 on the season. Sylvia Crawley has had an equal amount of success with the Eagles' women's basketball team, guiding them to four straight wins this month and a No. 25 ranking in the national polls.

And of course, there is the defending nation champion men's ice hockey team in Chestnut Hill. The Eagles' men's hockey team is 2-0. As for the women's ice hockey team, they are 1-0 this month.

On the whole, the product that the Boston sports teams are putting on the table is pretty impressive. Consider the fact that we are only 17 days into the month, and it almost makes the impending Nor'easters bearable.

Happy holidays, Boston sports fans! You're teams enjoying the winter months, and so should you.