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Paul Pierce Becomes Third Player In Celtics' History To Score 20,000 Career Points

Late in overtime of Wednesday night's win over the Bucks, Paul Pierce became the 36th player in NBA ever, and just the third Celtic in the franchise's storied history, to score 20,000 career points. And then just for good measure, he went ahead and sunk the second free throw for his 20,001st point. 

In typical Pierce fashion, his 20,000th point came on a pair of clutch free throws in crunch time -- with just 13.3 seconds left -- giving his team 101-97 lead. Pierce went on to hit four more free throws in the final 10 seconds, to secure the Celtics' win (and give him a career point total of 20,005). 

Afterward, Pierce talked about what the milestone meant to him (via CelticsBlog). 

"It was an emotional moment for me," Pierce said. "It was tough for me to swallow at that time. I was just thinking about all the years I've been here. You don't see it too often where a player accomplishes that type of feat playing with one team. It's a great accomplishment.

"It means so much to the fans seeing my ups and downs throughout the years and sticking with me. Just to be able to accomplish this type of feat it means a lot to me. I'm not going to downplay it. It means a lot."

(Video via Jose3030)