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Celtics To Take Center Stage On ESPN's "The Association"

Going behind the scenes with a sports team seems to be the new big thing on television. It's not just Hard Knocks, either. The MLB took their best shot by putting cameras on The White Sox (or should I say Ozzie Guillen), and on the college level, the Big Ten Network has been hanging around various basketball and football programs for a year-at-a-time as well.

Now it's time for the Celtics to get a share of the limelight (well, off the court limelight) as the focus of the new season of the NBA's take on the genre: The Association.While the Los Angeles Lakers were covered last season, the show came around too late to cover the whole season. Not so for the Celtics. The boys from Boston will receive five full episodes, one a month starting Dec. 3.

While it's seems like a nice idea to go behind the scenes and see our favorite stars-we all want to know more about our favorite players, and the Celtics certainly present an interesting cast. But maybe that cast is too interesting. While Jets fans were plenty happy to watch the three-ring circus that was hard Knocks, maybe some things are best left unseen. Kevin Garnett verbally abusing Luke Harangody at practice until the rookie is forced to seek counseling? The ongoing saga of the Von Wafer - Delonte West feud? God help us-what if Shaq actually dresses up as Shaqeeta on a regular basis?

On second thought, I'd really like to see all of that. Tape away, ESPN! Tape away!