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Delonte West Will Not Be Released Following Fight With Von Wafer

Celtics' GM Danny Ainge confirmed that Delonte West and Von Wafer got in a fight Friday at the team's shootaround, but denied reports that the team was considering releasing West. "Whoever wrote the story had something [against] Delonte. That's for sure. There's some untruths in that story."

Ainge said that neither player was in jeopardy of being released. He went to bat for West, saying that any notion that the 27-year-old guard had been involved in conflicts beyond this one and a previous dust-up with Wafer last week were untrue.

"I did read that story and there was a lot of lies in that story," Ainge said. "Things were twisted. It's not true. We're not releasing Delonte. There have not been any other of these altercations that have happened this year."

Ainge explained it by saying "guys trash talk ... these things happen." 

Von Wafer is on the floor warming up before the game with the Knicks Friday night. West is still serving his 10-game suspension.