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Danny Ainge Confirms Delonte West-Von Wafer Fight, Says Team Is 'Handling It Internally'

The Boston Celtics have confirmed that there was an altercation between Delonte West and Von Wafer on Friday, but according to the Boston Globe's Julian Benbow, West "will not face any penalty." 

Additionally, West will not be released -- a move that was strongly speculated following the fight -- according to team GM Danny Ainge. 

"There was something that happened, and we're handling it internally," Ainge said moments ago. "We're happy with Delonte and Von and how they've been playing, and today was unacceptable."

This was the second time in the past five days that West and Wafer have had an altercation (that has become public). There is no word on whether or not Wafer will face any disciplinary actions (it's reported that West threw the first punch).