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'Statue Shaq': How Shaquille O'Neal Spent His Thursday

On Thursday, Celtics' Shaquille O'Neal successfully completed his "Statue Shaq" display in Harvard Square. And that's one of the more ridiculous sentences I've ever had to write.

If you're wondering what exactly it was, don't over-think it: Shaq went to Harvard Square, sat on a bench, and then pretended he was a statue, sitting still for an hour while fans took pictures with him. As you'd imagine, there are plenty of pictures of Shaq. Pretending he's a statue.


It was completely ridiculous and completely unnecessary ... and completely for the fans. Which is exactly everything we love about Shaq (Shaqtue?).

More links, and a video, after the jump.

You can get more pictures at the Globe and NESN.

(Thanks for ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg for the picture and video)