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VIDEOS: Paul Pierce's Jumper, Rajon Rondo's Defense Give Celtics Preseason Win Over Knicks

Paul Pierce hitting a step-back jumper to win a game is nothing new, but it's still a great sight to see (even if it is just a preseason game against the New York Knicks). 

From CelticsBlog

Paul Pierce buried the game-winning jumper over an over-matched Anthony Randolph with eight seconds to play. Pierce finished with 18 points, seven rebounds, and five assists. 

Happy 33rd birthday, Paul Pierce. 

But, Pierce's shot wasn't the only play that won the game -- when he made it, there were still eight seconds left on the clock, plenty of time for the Knicks to get off a shot. If it weren't for Rajon Rondo's defense, of course (via Red's Army). 

Lost in the hoopla of techs and Pierce's clutch shot was the fact that there was time still left on the clock. And the Knicks' entire offense is practically predicated on shooting about 8 seconds into the shot clock. So when the Knickerbockers had the ball out of bounds and time to run a set.. the Celtics win was anything but guaranteed.

Enter Rajon Rondo, who sidestepped Ronny Turiaf's pick just enough to let his speed get him to Andy Rautins... and then use his jumping ability and wingspan to get a hand on the 3 and seal the win.

(Thanks for the Pierce video, Jose)