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Celtics Training Camp: Boston's Working Harder Than They're Playing

Based on some of the videos from Celtics training camp making their way to Twitter (see: Nate Robinson dunking on Shaquille O'Neal; see also: this), it'd be pretty easy to assume that maybe the guys aren't so focused on basketball, and are more worried about messing with The Sleeping Giant. ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg says that couldn't be further from the truth, though

If Twitter was your only glimpse into Boston's training camp, it would be enough to make you wonder if this team ever focuses on basketball. Truth is, the Celtics are working twice as hard as they're playing, and all the ancillary antics are helping to forge a bond that this team came to Newport specifically in search of.

Hard work aside, the first few days have still prompted Kevin Garnett to say, "It's a goddamn zoo around here, but it's all good, we're getting some work done."

And that work their getting is with a focus on the defensive end, writes, with coach Doc Rivers wanting "to re-establish the Celtics as the best defensive team in the league."

The report also touches on something I've been curious about since Tom Thibodeau's departure: There will only be "minor tweaks" to the schemes we've seen these last three seasons. Apparently Doc considered making these same "tweaks" last year when Thibodeau was still with the team, but ultimately decided against it. Doc also said he wants his team to lead the league in field goal percentage defense this season.

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