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NHL Standings 2012: Boston Remains Locked Into The Second Seed

On Tuesday night, the Boston Bruins loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins leaves them in the same position they were guaranteed at the beginning of the night; second place in the Eastern Conference.

The defeat changes nothing with nobody leaving due to injury and Tim Thomas even getting a much deserved day off.

The standings are as follows in the East:

1) New York - 109 points

2) Boston - 98 points

3) Florida - 92 points

4) Pittsburgh - 104 points

5) Philadelphia - 101 points

6) New Jersey - 98 points

7) Ottawa - 92 points

8) Washington - 88 points

Boston is locked in as the second seed, allowing them to watch the mad scramble for position from a comfortable spot.

Below them, a few spots remain up for grabs. Florida could still potentially miss the playoffs if it lost both remaining games and both Buffalo and Washington won theirs.

The Capitals and Sabres are tied for eighth (Washington wins the tiebreaker) which is by far the most intriguing race in the East.

All of the other teams have already clinched playoff berths, with New York and Boston the only two completely locked into their current seed.

The potential playoff opponents in the opening round are Ottawa and Washington for the Bruins.

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