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Boston Bruins Fan Who Made Racist Remarks Toward Joel Ward Targeted With Death Threats

Probably not the way to regain peace after a handful of Boston Bruins fans used Twitter as a means to lob racist remarks at Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward: Levying death threats at the racist Tweeters.

At least one of the fans who used the n-word to describe Ward following the black winger's series-winning goal has been targeted with threats to his life, reports the Boston Herald.

"The B's lost and I just said it," said one Western Massachusetts Bruins fan who called Ward a racial slur in a tweet. "The fact is, I'm not a racist. It was stupid of me. I would apologize to Joel Ward if I could."

The fan said he's received death threats.

The Herald also reports that at least two other fans who used racial slurs on Twitter to describe Ward are in danger of being disciplined by their schools.

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