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VIDEO: Bruins Nearly Tie Game 4 Thanks To Slow-Fingered Clock Operator

The Boston Bruins nearly tied Game 4 against the Washington Capitals at the horn. Braden Holtby had to make another heroic save as time expired to preserve the win and give the Caps a series-tying 2-1 win. Only, Holtby never should have been placed in the harrowing situation to begin with. Check out the video after the jump and count down the seconds it takes for the clock to start.

I got six by my count, though I always forget whether counting "Mississippi" or "apple" is more accurate. In any case it's a lot of time, and apparently the tardiness wasn't a mistake. Cue TSN's Bob McKenzie for some clarity:

The Bruins got .9 seconds and then some. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save them the game.

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