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ANIMATED: David Krejci Survives Scary Moment With Skate

It might be time to sit David Krejci on the bench permanently. Not because of how he has played on the ice, but because he seems to face a new Final Destination-esque peril on a nightly basis. In Game 1, he was a hit by a pane of glass during the Boston Bruins' celebration of their overtime 1-0 victory over the Washington Capitals. During the second period of Thursday night's Game 4, his throat nearly caught the heal edge of a falling Matt Hendricks.

Click the jump, but be forewarned: The following will make you cringe.


Thankfully Krejci was fine after play. Fans who can recall when the Panthers' Richard Zednik took a skate to the jugular in 2008 certainly know how lucky the Bruins' center is to get back on his feet afterwards.

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