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2012 NHL Playoffs, Bruins Vs. Capitals: Boston Needs Discipline In Round One

The Boston Bruins ended an up-and-down regular season strongly to enter the 2012 NHL Playoffs with a bit of momentum, which they will test against the Washington Capitals in the first round.

SB Nation's Angie Lewis previews the matchup, breaking down which team has the advantage in each portion of the game and what each team needs to accomplish to win the series.

Lewis gives the Bruins an edge in offense, defense and goaltending, but believes the Capitals have better special teams. She predicts Boston will win if it maintains discipline.

BRUINS WILL WIN IF ... they play disciplined hockey. The Caps can hurt the Bruins if their power play clicks and gets their top players going without the pressure of matchups. Thus, it would work in Boston's favor to stay out the box. Not only in penalty stats, but also it would be best for the B's to just not get too caught up in trying to repeat. Taking it one game at a time keeps them focused and not so arrogant or loose that they forget to take out the Caps.

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