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Bruins' New Goalie Marty Turco Motivated To Show What He's Got

New Boston Bruins goaltender Marty Turco always knew he had it in him to make it back to the NHL, and on Wednesday he expressed gratitude that the organization has given him that chance.

In his first press conference after clearing waivers Wednesday afternoon, Turco told that his time spent in Europe this season for the Austrian EC Red Bull Salzburg after not getting an NHL offer was the motivational tool he needed to get back on his A game.

"Part of the reason I feel I had success, or made the NHL that matter, is because of the expectations I have and where you expect to be. So, when you know you’ve had better and you disappoint in previous seasons, to be in the league or have offers from others can be demeaning."

Turco's Austrian team ended their playoff season last week, so he is already in game shape. The Bruins will approach using him cautiously, but Turco does not think he will have much of a learning curve.

"It’s just more of getting back in the flow and adjusting really won’t take much in term of speed or shots...(I've) got to do my work and work along with Bob and with the guys here today to get ready for action and to keep these guys on a good path."