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Bruins Trade Rumors 2012: GM Peter Chiarelli Wants To 'Add Something'

With the NHL trade deadline approaching, Boston Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli needs to make a decision: big changes or small ones?

The Boston Bruins have struggled a bit recently, cooling down considerably after a long stretch when the team looked unbeatable. With the NHL trade deadline approaching on Feb. 27, the Bruins could look to add a star like Rick Nash, or general manager Peter Chiarelli could choose to rely on the same nucleus which carried Boston to last season's Stanley Cup.

Either way, Chiarelli believes he needs to bolster his team's roster.

"I do want to add something, and I'd like to help the team, and I'd like to add to our depth. But that's a priority -- it's a fine balance, chemistry, and you have to be careful," said Chiarelli.

Comcast NHL analyst Joe Haggerty thinks Chiarelli should focus on making peripheral changes rather than attempting to land a big star.

"What I think he has to do is stick to his work and keep the nucleus of the team together," said Haggerty. "We're talking about 18 guys from last year's Stanley Cup-winning team. They've proven that they can go out and they can do it.

"Certainly you're going to need to add to the depth. Certainly there are some new guys added to the mix this year that need to be pushed. But -- I know people are going to hate me for saying this and they're going to question my sanity -- I don't think they need to go after a Rick Nash right now, and I don't think they will go after a guy like Rick Nash right now."

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