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Brad Marchand, Andrew Ference Weigh In On Tim Thomas

With everyone in the Bruins organization trying to but a cap on goalie Tim Thomas' White House boycott, he's at it once again. Earlier this week, Thomas voiced his support of the Catholic Church's fight for religious freedom against President Obama on his Facebook page. With it, he's found himself back in the thick of things.

On Friday, a pair of Boston Bruins joined WEEI to talk about their somewhat opinionated teammate. One of those teammates was second year winger Brad Marchand, who stepped in and defended his goalie.

"Timmy, he's his own guy," Marchand said. "He's handled things pretty well. He's not really any different at all."

"Whatever he's doing, that's his business. I don't really think it's up to anyone outside hockey or anyone inside hockey for that matter to tell him how to act. It's his own business."

(via WEEI)

Echoing Marchand was defenseman Andrew Ference, who says he's very aware of Thomas' political beliefs, and he as a teammate respects them.

"It's one of those things," Ference said. "We've known Tim for a number of years. ... We know who he is, what his beliefs are. For us, it's just kind of normal."

"He makes the views pretty clear. I don't think he leaves too many blank spaces for people to guess where he stands," Ference said. "So, it's his choice whether to answer or not. I think he makes it more difficult on himself not to just talk about it if he's going to put it out there. But for us as teammates, it's really not that difficult. Like I said, we know him. We can kind of just keep our mouths shut about it because nobody really wants to wade into that. I don't know, it's a mixed bag, I guess."

(via WEEI)

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