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2012 NHL Skills Challenge: Zdeno Chara Shatters Own Record, Wins Hardest Shot Competition

For the fifth year in a row, Boston Bruins defenseman and All-Star captain Zdeno Chara has won the Hardest Shot Competition in the NHL Skills Challenge. Talk about domination.

Chara shattered his previous record of 105.9 mph with an absolute bomb of a shot that registered at 108.8 mph. That's faster than any pitch that's thrown in baseball. Yeah, it was that fast. In the final round, Chara did once again face Shea Weber of Team Alfredsson, who only got up to 106 mph. Chara won all three heats against Weber and took home the crown.

In the other heats, Luke Adam (Team Chara) defeated Justin Faulk (Team Alfredsson) with a 98.3 mph blast; Daniel Alfredsson (Team Alfredsson) defeated Dennis Wideman (Team Chara) with a 101.3 mph shot; Justin Spezza (Team Alfredsson) defeated Dion Phaneuf (Team Chara) with a 100.0 mph blast. The score stands now stands as 11-9 with Team Alfredsson still out in front.

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