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TSN Reporter Hodge Implies That Tim Thomas Is A Racist

Earlier this week when the Boston Bruins traveled to the White House to be honored by Barack Obama for winning the Stanley Cup, team goalie Tim Thomas exercised his right as an American citizen and chose not to attend because of his personal views about the U.S. Government.

Did I agree with him? No. Do I think he could have done more? Yes. But what I don't believe is that because of his actions, Thomas should be considered less of a person or an abomination to society for that matter. That's what one reporter apparently thinks about Thomas.

Just after Thomas released his statement on his decision not to attend the ceremony, TSN reporter Dave Hodge took to Twitter about what he thought about it all. While it doesn't directly indicate it, Hodge's tweet indicates that he thinks Tim Thomas is a racist. See for yourself.

Don't know if it's fair to point this out, but Tim Thomas has three children named Kiley, Kelsey and Keegan.

(via Dave Hodge's Twitter)

Wow, just wow. I mean it's one thing to disagree with his decision, but to connect him to one of the most notoriously racist organizations in the United States? Come on, man.

The fact of the matter is that Tim Thomas made a very strong choice in deciding not to attend the ceremony. While I believe Thomas deserves some criticism for his choice, it's simply not fair to believe that just because he turned down an opportunity to meet the President (who happens to be African American) that he's a racist.

Hodge has since apologized, saying he was just trying to be funny. However, regardless of political belief, this statement was low, unnecessary and classless.

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