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Boston Bruins Have A Bad Reputation

Like it or not, the Boston Bruins have developed a bad reputation. Here in Boston, that's nothing new. It has happened to all of the teams from Boston that have won championships - which is, you know, all of the pro teams. The B's are the latest to join that group. Why fight it? It is what it is.

DJ Bean of wrote a feature on the subject on Monday. Here's an excerpt.

Say what you will about the suspension (the hit, though not punished in the past, was both dangerous and dirty), but you can't deny that this whole mess, which has included a war of words in the media between the Canucks and the Bruins and an explanatory video from Shanahan, makes one thing clear: Like it or not, the Bruins have a reputation, and it isn't a good one. (via DJ Bean/

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