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Tim Thomas On Relationship With Roberto Luongo: 'We're Fine'

After opposing goalie Roberto Luongo questioned his goaltending methods during the Stanley Cup Finals, Boston Bruins starting goalie Tim Thomas was asked earlier this week if he was still bothered by Luongo's comments. Thomas said there aren't, and never were any issues between he and Luongo.

"That was the media," Thomas said. "We're fine." (via ESPN Boston)

Luongo's comments were centered around an incident in Game Three at the TD Garden when Thomas shoved Canucks forward Henrik Sedin to the ground immediately after he entered the blue area. Here is video of that particular play thanks to dafoomie:

Here is what Luongo originally had to say about the play and Thomas' goaltending style back in June.

"It's not hard [to stop] if you're playing in the paint," he said at the time. "It's an easy save for me, but if you're wandering out, that's going to happen." (via ESPN Boston)

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