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Boston Bruins Training Camp 2011: B's Can Be Even Better This Year

BOSTON - It's hard to believe that a team coming off a Stanley Cup victory this past season can get much better, but the Boston Bruins are in prime position to improve on their successes last season, according to coach Claude Julien.

"I think so," Julien said on Friday when asked if the 2011 squad can improve this year. "I would probably say that not just the players that were on this team, but we had some players we called "the black aces" last year where they saw a lot of things happening and they were with us for the whole playoffs and I think they've got a lot of opportunity to grow and being around.

"But when you look at the players that we had, whether it's Tyler [Seguin] now that he's got a year under his belt and Steven Kampfer was one of those guts and [Adam' McQuaid really did take a big step from the year before and we're hoping that's going to continue as far as out group is concerned."

Julien and the Bruins opened training camp on Friday and had their first camp practice on Saturday. The B's are back in action on Sunday, with Group B practicing in the early morning and Group A practicing at 12:30 p.m. EDT.

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