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Bobby Orr: Tomas Kaberle Let Critics Affect Him

Speaking on WEEI earlier today, Bruins legend Bobby Orr said that Tomas Kaberle, while "not a bad hockey player," let his critics affect his play during his brief stint in Boston.

The last time I looked the power play was five guys. There is a lot that goes into the power play. It’s difficult sometimes when people get on your butts and you’re nervous to try things sometimes when they get on you, but he’s a professional. He should be able to suck that up. 

Orr also discussed the health of his client, Nathan Horton, who played a large chunk of the playoffs with a separated shoulder prior to being knocked out with a severe concussion, noting that right now, Horton "feels great." It'll be tough to tell for sure how well Horton is doing until he begins his off-season training program, which should start soon.

Orr represents both Horton and Kaberle.