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Is Joe Corvo A Better Fit Than Tomas Kaberle On Bruins' Blue Line?

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Yes, he is.

On paper, anyway, Joe Corvo's size and skill set figure to factor better into the Boston Bruins' style than did Tomas Kaberle's. 

His price tag is an improvement, as well. 

As Douglas Flynn over at writes, Corvo's shot could be an improvement on the Bruins power play as well, which struggled last season after acquiring Kaberle, whose reluctance to shoot from the point drew the ire of countless Bruins fans throughout his time in the Hub. 

It helps that, during his career, a majority of Corvo's offensive production has come on the power play, where he tallied 5-18=23 totals last season. 

Corvo also saw substantial time on the penalty kill, where Kaberle was rarely - if ever - utilized in 2011 with the Bruins. That'll help to keep the legs of Boston's defense fresh and keep everyone stronger later in the game, not to mention that Corvo's puck-moving abilities will help the Bruins to exit the zone when shorthanded.