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Still No Updates On Bruins' Marc Savard

Marc Savard has suffered four concussions in his 13-year NHL career. The most recent was an otherwise inauspicious hit by former teammate Matt Hunwick in Denver in mid-February. A hit that might have left another hockey player a bit rattled left Savard down and out - and probably for good. 

When Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli discussed Savard's condition in a conference call on Thursday morning, he didn't have any updates on Savard's status. But if Savard himself was any indication, his admission just two weeks ago that his short-term memory is "terrible" is cause enough to keep him away from the ice. 

With the recent retirement of Paul Kariya due to concussion issues, and the problems that Eric Lindros has suffered, the premature death of Derek Boogaard, Savard and the Bruins have every reason to be careful. The organization knows first-hand the cost of concussions, with Patrice Bergeron suffering a head injury that nearly ended his career in 2008. 

Chiarelli said that he expects to have an update on Savard sooner than later, but that he's yet to have any new information regarding the franchise's prized center.