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Canucks Vs. Bruins: Harsh Travel Works In Canucks' Favor

The Canucks have the privilege of playing and living in scenic Vancouver, British Columbia, but being so far north and west has its disadvantages, like a hectic travel schedule. As the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals moves to Boston for Game 3 Monday, the Canucks will have traveled nearly 2,500 miles to get there. Yet, with the help of sleep doctors, Vancouver has been able to use what seems like a detriment to its advantage.

The Canucks have been working with Fatigue Science to find ways to best prevent fatigue-related accidents. The consulting firm has worked with the team and advises them on things such as travel and practice schedules as well as personal lifestyle choices. It seems to be working out well for the Canucks; despite traveling nearly 2,200 miles to face the Chicago Blackhawks, 2,500 for the Nashville Predators and 1,000 for the San Jose Sharks, Vancouver is 5-3 on the road during the playoffs. Fatigue Science agrees:

"The Vancouver Canucks have turned a 40-year history of the worst travel schedule in the National Hockey League into a competitive advantage."

Meanwhile, the Bruins are doing their best to adapt to the same travel schedule. Before the Stanley Cup Finals, the Boston had only one series that required a trip longer than 1,000 miles: the Eastern Conference Finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Bruins insist that the travel does not affect them, but a loss Monday might put them to sleep for good.