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2011 NHL Draft: Boston Bruins Looking To Bolster Power Play In Draft

Most people know by now that the Boston Bruins didn't possess the world's greatest power play during their Stanley Cup run. Quite the opposite, actually. Boston had a 16.2 percent success rate on the power play in the regular season and converted on only 11.4 percent in  the postseason.

Naturally, the Bruins may try to address their power play needs in Friday night's NHL Draft.

So what do the Bruins need? They don't need a draft anyone who'll be expected to make a difference immediately, or even necessarily in the next couple of seasons. They want a power play quarterback, but neither Marc Savard nor his on-ice clone is walking through that door anytime soon. (via Stanley Cup of Chowder)

Ryan Murphy, Nathan Beaulieu, Sven Baertschi and Jamie Oleksiak are the prospects most tied to the Bruins in the building to the draft, according the Stanley Cup of Chowder, which analyzed the group on Thursday.

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