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NHL Draft 2011: Boston Bruins, League Draft Order

For many teams (see the Ottawa Senators and their 12 picks), need will dictate what they do in this weekend's NHL Entry Draft. Not for the Boston Bruins, whose Stanley Cup-winning team is all but intact for the 2011-12 season and whose system is well-stocked to keep replenishing the success of its parent.

The Bruins pick seven times in this year's draft, including ninth overall, with the last pick they received from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Phil Kessel

2011 NHL Entry Draft - Boston Bruins - Draft Picks

Round 1: No. 9 overall (from Toronto)
Round 2: No. 40 overall (from Minnesota)
Round 3: No. 81 overall (from Phoenix Coyotes)
Round 4: No. 121 overall
Round 5: No. 151 overall
Round 6: No. 181 overall.
Round 7: No. 183 overall (from Florida)

The entire first round draft order shapes up like this: Round 1

First Round

1. Edmonton
2. Colorado
3. Florida
4. New Jersey
5. NY Islanders
6. Ottawa
7. Winnipeg
8. Columbus
9. Boston (from TOR)
10. Minnesota
11. Colorado (from STL)
12. Carolina
13. Calgary
14. Dallas
15. NY Rangers
16. Buffalo
17. Montreal
18. Chicago
19. Edmonton (from LA)
20. Phoenix
21. Ottawa (from NSH)
22. Anaheim
23. Pittsburgh
24. Detroit
25. Toronto (from PHI)
26. Washington
27. Tampa Bay
28. San Jose
29. Vancouver
30. Toronto (from BOS)

For a complete list of picks, check out and their draft order page here