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Canucks' Roberto Luongo Ready To Concede Vezina Trophy To Tim Thomas

The NHL is still some four hours away from awarding the Vezina Trophy - one of its most prestigious single-season distinctions - but the presumed runner-up has already opened his legs and allowed the winner to go by - er, admitted that it should be Tim Thomas' award.

In an article on, Shawn Roarke quoted Vancouver Canucks' goaltender Roberto Luongo  as saying that "I hope he enjoys the Vezina because he’s probably going to win it," continuing the netminder's trend of trying to pump Thomas' tires in an attempt to throw the Bruin off his game. 

What Luongo forgot in his effusive (inflative?) praise was that his Canucks are no longer playing the Bruins for the right to hoist the Stanley Cup.

The Vezina is the only award that members from both teams are up for - Boston's Zdeno Chara is up for the Norris and Messier trophies, while Vancouver's Daniel Sedin is a finalist for the NHL Foundation (along with brother Henrik), Lindsay and Hart Memorial Trophies; Ryan Kesler is also a finalist for the Selke.