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Stanley Cup Finals 2011: Julien, Bergeron Moving On After Biting Incident

What's done is done - that's the mentality that Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien and veteran center Patrice Bergeron are taking following the NHL's decision to not suspend Alexandre Burrows after he allegedly bit Bergeron during a scrum in Game 1.

"As far as I'm concerned, the league has made a decision on it, and we move on," Julien said. "I think what's more important for us is to prepare for the next game more than put all our attention on something that's already been ruled on. We're not the type of team that whines and cries about things like that. We just move on, and that's what we're going to do." (via WEEI)

Bergeron echoed Julien's sentiments, saying that he's put the entire incident behind him.

"Like I said last night, it's the league's decision," Bergeron said. "I let them make the call and make the decision. It's there's, so I have nothing else to say about it, I guess." (via WEEI)

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