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Boston Bruins' Parade May Not Be Very Memorable Without Speeches

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The Boston Bruins will take to the streets of Boston with the Stanley Cup in hand for the first time since 1972, but according to one radio host, it may not have a very memorable end.

Similar to the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics title parades, once the duck boats reach the end of the route, the players and fans will simply disperse. 

However, Gerry Callahan of WEEI believes that fans should get to hear some speeches from the players and coaches. Otherwise, the event just won't be as memorable.


Here's the transcript of Callahan's thoughts on having a speech at the end of the parade.

I don't remember those rolling rallies where no one speaks, which means there has to be a speakers program. We're a bunch of sheep who say, 'Menino, whatever you say!' This guy tells us what's best for us and we go, 'Oh, thank you Daddy Menino.' That's not what's best, we should have a speakers program. They should have a big stage and big speakers and let everybody enjoy it, just like we did in '81.

It is wrong. Here's what's gonna happen: people are going to come to the parade, see [the players] go by and say, 'I think that's Marchand! Oh, no, no, that's Shane Hnidy!' And they're gonna go, 'Oh, now what? What do we do now?' (via