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Bruins Vs. Canucks: Tim Thomas 'Went Into Full Panic Mode' In Game 6

Tim Thomas capped off one of the greatest postseason runs in Boston sports history on Wednesday night with a shutout in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, giving the Boston Bruins their first Stanley Cup in 39 years.

Thomas looked extremely polished throughout most of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but the 37-year-old netminder admitted that he was nervous in the final stages of the season in Games 6 and 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

"Right off the opening face-off there was a guy that whacked it backhand from the outside blue line right off the opening face-off and I just lost it," Thomas recalled from Game 6. "It was up in the air and I went into full panic mode in my mind. Then Vancouver put the pressure on and whizzed the puck around the crease four or five different times, shot just wide. And I was on my heels there for a second, and that was the first time that I'd gotten nervous during the finals. So, yeah, I was scared. I won't lie. I had nerves yesterday and today. I faked it as well as I could, and I faked my way all the way to the Stanley Cup." (via WEEI)

Thomas had 798 saves and allowed 51 goals in 25 postseason games for Boston. In the regular season, Thomas had a 35-11-9 record with nine shutouts, a .938 save percentage and a goals against average of 2.00.

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