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Canucks Vs. Bruins: The Green Men Will Return To Boston For Game 6

The Vancouver Canucks are just one win away from their first-ever Stanley Cup and with a victory over the Boston Bruins in Game 6 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals Monday, they can do just that. If the Canucks win Monday, they will have to skate with the Cup inside TD Garden away from their fans, but there will be at least two Vancouver supporters in attendance Monday as Force and Sully - The Green Men - will make a return trip to Boston for Monday's game.

Force joined WEEI's Dennis and Callahan early Monday morning to announce that he and Sully were on their way back to Boston for Game 6. The two spandex-clad superfans invaded Boston for Games 3 and 4 last week and WEEI chronicled their experience on video:

Travelzoo, an online travel website that sponsored the Green Men's trip to Boston last week, have once again offered to fly them out for Game 6. During their inaugural trip to Boston, Force said that about 90 percent of Bruins fans treated them well, but 10 percent "made up for it" with venom and vitriol. Despite getting positive attention from some Bruins fans, not all of it was pleasant. And Force knows that it won't get any better Monday:

"I think win or lose, Bruins fans are going to intensify their hatred toward us. I fully expect it. ... They definitely made it known we are not welcome for Games 3 and 4, so I can only imagine it's going to be worse tonight."

Force said that he and Sully are on a flight with about 50 other Canucks fans, who should be prepared for a "hostile situation." The Bruins and their fans are in a must-win situation and much like the bears that represent them, they do not like to backed into a corner. And spandex doesn't necessarily provide the best protection.