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Bruins Vs. Flyers: Peter Laviolette: 'We Never Seemed To Get Into It'

The Bruins were finally able to do what they couldn't do in last year's semifinal series against the Philadelphia Flyers: win a clinching game. Boston powered past Philly, 5-1, in Game 4 to finish off the sweep.

Unlike last season, when Philadelphia came back from an 0-3 series deficit to win the series over Boston, the Flyers didn't appear to put up a fight right from the start, according to Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette.

"The other thing for me, looking back on the series, you have an opportunity in Game 1. You're in your building and we don't play the way we need to. Game 2 we played hard, we did the things we wanted to do, we lost in overtime. It was a tough bounce, a tough break but that happens in the playoffs. But I really look at Game 1 as an opportunity that was lost for us to get into the series. We never seemed to get into it. We didn't get a win. We didn't get into the series. Game 1, that was a blown opportunity." (via WEEI)

This is the second time the Bruins have swept the Flyers out of the playoffs, also doing so in 1977.