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Mac Pacioretty Doesn't Want Zdeno Chara To Face Prosecution

In light of Thursday's news that the Montreal police opened up an investigation of Zdeno Chara after his hit on Max Pacioretty that left the Canadiens forward with a concussion and fractured vertebrae, Pacioretty issued a statement. Despite his public anger toward Chara -- he feels the hit was intentional -- Pacioretty doesn't want Montreal police to prosecute the Bruins defenseman.

"I sincerely appreciate all of the support that I have received since my injury. I was disappointed that the NHL did not suspend Zdeno Chara.

"However, I have no desire for him to be prosecuted legally. I feel that the incident, as ugly as it was, was part of a hockey game.

"I understand that this is not my decision. I have respect and admiration for the authorities in Quebec. I simply wanted to make my opinion clear."