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The Twittersphere Takes on the Boston Bruins' Zdeno Chara

Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara's hit on Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty has caused nearly as much buzz on Twitter as Charlie Sheen's public meltdown last week. With the hockey community being some of the earliest adopters of Twitter, it's no surprise that fans and media would be taking to social media to express their true thoughts on the matter.

There are the more level-headed amongst those who believe that Chara should have been sanctioned by the NHL. Matt Johnson (@twoeightnine) argues that the NHL's reasoning that Chara's lack of previous discipline caused them to rule in his favor is incorrect:

"If you never punish a player of course he's not going to have previous supplemental discipline. Even Chara's next dirty play will have no previous disciplinary action."

Canadiens fans are very emotional about the injury, with this added on to an already quite intense rivalry. J.T. (@habsloyalist) pulls out an especially emotional angle on the injury:

"Can't help thinking about Pacioretty's parents who witnessed the hit. His mom should get to question Chara about intent. Might get truth."

Scott Burnside, of ESPN, makes light of Air Canada's claim that they will withdraw their sponsorship of the league because of it isn't taking a hard enough stance on headshots, using Chara's hit as its prime example. Burnside tweeted that Air Canada's might want to take care of its own business:

"Air Canada promises to transport Zdeno Chara to Montreal police. But flight delayed and bags ended up in Prince Rupert."

Chara won't be seen by anyone in Montreal tonight. Instead, he'll be at the TD Garden as the Bruins host the Buffalo Sabres. How might Bruins fans welcome Chara onto the ice? Justin Aucoin (@JustinDOY) worries what happens if the reaction is too resounding:

"Prediction for the day: Bruins fans give Chara a big warm greeting tonight and Montreal attempts to invade the US because of it."