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NHL Trade Rumors: Bruins GM Chiarelli Warns That Bruins Are Not Done On Trading Block

In the Tuesday evening press conference detailing the Boston Bruins trade for center Chris Kelly, general manager Peter Chiarelli made it clear that he wasn’t done wheeling and dealing.

According to a transcript of the press conference obtained by WEEI, Chiarelli said:

“Well I’ve been pretty public in saying I’d like to get a defenseman, so that’s still in the works….Well I know there’s a lot of furor here today. But I’ve had discussions on a number of fronts and I’d say a couple of them are closer, but I don’t have anything imminent.”

SBNation’s own Stanley Cup of Chowder says something to shake up the Bruins’ lackluster defense of late is needed:

“Despite their rep as a strong defensive team, the Bruins have been mediocre defensively, and have been consistently bailed out by excellent goaltending. The last few games have shown us what happens when the Tim Thomas/Tuukka Rask tandem has an off night.”

Who may the Bruins acquire? Stanley Cup of Chowder has three defensemen on their radar: Toronto Maple Leaf Tomas Kaberle, who the Bruins and Leafs most likely have been talking about for a few days now, the itching-to-leave Zach Bogosian of the Atlanta Thrashers, or Chris Phillips of the Ottawa Senators, presumably one of Chiarelli’s favorite teams to deal with.