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Roberto Luongo Listed On Craigslist

Roberto Luongo is up for grabs on Craigslist. Evidently, the Vancouver Canucks have had enough of his services, and general manager Mike Gillis is looking to get anything he can out of the 32-year-old goaltender. In fact, he was willing to go as far as list Luongo on the "for sale/wanted" section of Here's the ad.

I am in possession of a 32 y/o NHL Goalie. He is well used but could potentially be of use for maybe the Maple Leafs or the Blue Jackets specifically. This goalie typically does well except under any sort of pressure (See Playoffs). He does make a lot of noise, but usually doesn't back it up. He will need new tires as currently no one is pumping them and thus they are deflated. Like I said he is in used condition but could potentially be someone who could pump up the tires of your opposing goalie.

Willing to trade for anything...this is a "Best Offer" kind of trade. We here at Vancouver could use a lot. Possibly babysitting services for our Sedin sisters, or maybe even a few street sweepers. (Stanley Cup really did a number on our city) We are also on sort supply of Fire Extinguishers as well.

If interested please contact Mike Gillis of the Vancouver Canucks.

Awesome. Just awesome.

Obviously, this isn't really an ad from Gillis. But you have to love the sense of humor Boston hockey fans. Anyone who still says Beantown isn't a hockey town, well, you're wrong.

(Thanks to NESN or bringing this post to our attention)

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