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VIDEO: Bruins' Milan Lucic, Sabres' Paul Gaustad Fight In First Period

Boston Bruins left winger Milan Lucic wasted no time getting his gloves off against Buffalo Sabres center Paul Gaustad. The fight happened just 1:23 into the first period of play on Wednesday night. After the last game against the Sabres when Lucic took out Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller, an early fight was expected as the Buffalo team was incensed about the hit.

As you can see in the video, Gaustad approached Lucic before the faceoff to let him know it was time to go. Sticks, gloves and helmets were quickly tossed aside as the two met above the opposite faceoff circle. Gaustad wouldn't be as lucky with Lucic as he was with his equipment. 

Lucic got in a quick jab to Gaustad's face while he was still sizing him up. Gaustad got one attempt in before Lucic took the fight over. Lucic made quick work of Gaustad although the result was less than devastating for Gaustad's head.

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