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Bruins Vs. Canadiens: Scoreless Second Period Ends With Bruins Still Up 1-0

A hectic second period spawned nearly the same result that the first period did, but phenomenal goaltending by both Carey Price and Tim Thomas kept the game close, even when their defenses tried their best to make it interesting. 

Benoit Pouliot took two penalties, one for hooking and another late in the period for high-sticking, when PK Subban decided to cut himself after Pouliot bumped him with his stick. 

Thanks to more terrific goaltending by Thomas, Boston was able to survive the first penalty but they'll have over 150 seconds of time short to kill in the third period. 

Montreal came out swarming the Bruins' net to start the second period, but their struggles in the neutral zone made it difficult for them to maintain the attack as the Patrice Bergeron linemade life awfully difficult for the Habs. As the teams began to settle into the period, the Canadiens continued to generate chances but some fantastic team defense by Boston kept Montreal off the board in the early portion of the period. 

The Canadiens continued to get into Boston's zone with ease, but struggled to make anything happen between the faceoff dots, and as the period wore on the Bruins started to counter-attack.

A strong shift by the Chris Kelly line aided by a couple of errant Montreal exit passes halfway through the period helped to turn the ice back in the Bruins favor, and Nathan Horton nearly doubled the Bruins lead when he got the puck off of a bad bounce at the Montreal blue line, but Carey Price made a low glove save.