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Bruins Vs. Canadiens: B's Seek Vengeance On Habs

The Canadiens are once again hosting the Bruins at the Bell Centre, but their confidence isn't as sure as it was last time against this Boston unit. Not only do they have to face the likes of Thomas and Chara again, but they have an eight-game winning streak staring them in the eyes while they try.

You can't beat the story of hated Divisional rivals.

The Bruins will once again face off at the Bell Centre against the Canadiens for the third time this season. However, unlike last time, the Bruins are riding an eight-game winning streak and have loads of confidence behind them. Usual personnel like Tyler Seguin, Brad Marchand and Milan Lucic have opened up their games a bit, and even some surprises like Chris Kelly have started to make a large impact on the team.

And with 42 goals in their last eight games, it would be hard for anyone to try and stop pucks against this team.

But Carey Price (8-6-3) would be the one to do it. Already picking up two wins against the spoked-B's earlier in the season, and allowing only three goals in that span, Price is ready to stand up once again to the bruisers. The Bruins have, however, driven four goalies from net in the past eight games, so it won't be as easy as one might think.

Meanwhile, Thomas will most likely be in net for the Bruins. He only started in one of those games against the Canadiens, but in that time he only allowed two goals through.

The puck drops at 7 p.m. in Montreal, and it will be aired live on NESN and RDS in Canada.