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Bruins vs. Flyers: Fans Shouldn't Be Discouraged

Last night's game has many people already wondering, "What went wrong?" And I am pleased to remind people--it's only Game One.

Though Boston fans have come to expect to win every game after that Stanley Cup playoff run, the truth is, it's not going to happen. Thursday night's matchup with the Flyers was pretty on-par with what people should have expected. Both teams were looking to get their legs back underneath them, and fortunately for the Flyers, a couple of late goals in the first period was the difference in the game.

Is there room to improve? Without a doubt. There shouldn't be any excuses for losing the game, but they aren't beating themselves up over it, nor should they be. While they know there is a lot of work to be done, there are a couple things about last night's game that should give Bruins fans even more hope this season.

The first goal last night from Brad Marchand should have relieved the minds of Marchand-nay-sayers. After a mediocre preseason, Marchand came out in the first game looking just as impressive as he had left the playoffs. He had a number of opportunities on Flyers goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov, but only one slipped by. Bryzgalov even said after the game, he was just hoping Marchand hit his pads and he'd get lucky.

Fans should also note, that goal came on the power play. It didn't take long for fans to jump on that bad-power-play bandwagon again (I mean, after last post season, I don't know if anyone can really blame them), but seriously, scoring the first goal on the power play should mean something. Also note who got the assists--Tyler Seguin and new defenseman Joe Corvo. That in my mind should be an instant breath of fresh air--Corvo making a name for himself on the power play and moving the puck around to make good things happen. 

Now, did he do much the rest of the game? No. Did anyone? Not really. But again, tonight was a night of closure for the team, and I think you'll see coming into Saturday's game, you will find a more focused and ready team.

So take heart, Bruins fans, and don't be too discouraged. Remember, last year the Bruins lost their first game too.