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Tyler Seguin Has Congenital Hip Condition, According To Report

Tyler Seguin has a congenital hip condition that could make him more susceptible to a hip injury, sources told ESPN Boston.

Boston Bruins forward Tyler Seguin has been a flash of light so far in a gloomy start to Boston's regular season. But the 19-year old has a congenital hip condition that could make him more susceptible to a hip injury, league and team sources told ESPN Boston.

The condition is not a threat to derail his short-term success, said the sources, nor does it affect him now, but it leaves him more likely to develop an injury that requires surgery and potentially could shorten his career. It increases the probability Seguin suffers a type of repetitive-stress degenerative injury if he does not actively condition the area.

"The worst-case scenario is they start to develop recurring symptoms consistent of a groin pull, hip flexor strains, difficulty getting their hips in certain positions, reduced rotation, increase in pain and reduced levels of performance," renown hip expert and surgeon Dr. Bryan Kelly, who has not examined Seguin, said in describing a worst-case scenario for a hockey player who is battling a congenital hip condition.    

Bruins general manager Pete Chiarelli said he was not concerned about Seguin's hip, calling it "nothing to be alarmed about" and insisting it was nothing serious. According to Chiarelli, approximately 70 percent of the Bruins have hip issues. 

"I'm not going to comment whether it's congenital or not," Chiarelli said. "I don't want to get into details what we think it is or isn't and I don't want any alarm bells going off. Like I said, you can go through our roster and there are probably 12 or 13 guys with something similar or the same thing.

"I'm not going to comment on any of our players' medical conditions that aren't really an issue," added Chiarelli. "We have guys with sore ankles and they play through it, so it's not something I'm going to comment on."

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