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Video Of Zdeno Chara, Tim Thomas' Record-Setting Nights At 2011 NHL All-Star Skills Competition

Earlier Sunday morning, we mention how a pair of Boston Bruins had memorable performances at Saturday night's 2011 NHL All-Star Skills Competition (albeit for very different reasons): Defenseman Zdeno Chara set a new record in the fastest shot competition (breaking his own mark in the process), firing a shot 105.9 MPH, while goalie Tim Thomas challenged Carolina Hurricanes' Cam Ward in the Fastest Skater competition, resulting in the even't slowest time (19 seconds) and a wipeout on one of the turns. 

And now, we have video! First up, Chara's shot: 

After the jump, Thomas' adventures on the ice. 

That's why he's a goalie, and not a skater. And since this is the Internet, there's a gif of Thomas' slip and fall (via @bubbaprog): 



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