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Bruins Preach Patience With Blake Wheeler

Boston Bruins fans seem to have a love-hate relationship with third year forward Blake Wheeler. If you follow Bruins fans on Twitter - of which there are many - the frustration with the offensively-stagnant Wheeler is well vocalized.

Thursday's Bruins game against the Atlanta Thrashers was an example of why some fans seem to be aggravated with the 24-year-old right winger, despite some of his good points. Wheeler gets an assist from David Krejci to score less than a minute into the second period. In the eventual shootout, Wheeler had the chance to keep the shootout going ... and loses control of the puck. Thrashers take a close one from the Bruins. 

Bruins head coach Claude Julien isn't focusing on Wheeler's inconsistency, however. Reports the Boston Herald's Stephen Harris on Saturday, Julien thinks the Bruins are only beginning to reap the benefits of Wheeler's work:

"When you give a guy a chance to mature and grow, and you’re patient with it, you often reap the benefits of it. Right now, I think that’s what we’re seeing with Blake Wheeler."

WEEI's Bruins writer DJ Bean reminds us that while Wheeler may not get a lot of points on his own, the line he share with Krecji and Michael Ryder has been stealing the show the past few games:

"In their four games since being reunited, the members of Krejci's line have combined for nine points. The Bruins, meanwhile, haven't had a regulation loss since switching up the lines after last Monday's 3-0 loss to Anaheim."

The Bruins' are preaching patience with Wheeler, so fans may have to have more of the same.