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Savard Taking Recovery "Step By Step"

Addressing the media in the Boston Bruins locker room on Saturday morning, center Marc Savard said that he has no set timetable for his return to the ice from post-concussion syndrome.

Savard shot down rumors that he would miss the entire season, but did say that he was putting his long-term health first.

"I am definitely going to take my time and make sure that I am one hundred percent in every aspect before I think about playing," Savard told reporters.

Savard admitted that he may have played too much, too soon when returning to the ice from the initial March concussion. He pointed out fatigue as his biggest issue when during his playoff stretch, and mentioned he felt he had to play once teammate David Krejci was injured.

Due to the playoff issues, he took working out this off-season slowly. "I just kind of went home after the season and took a month off," he explained. He returned to work-outs, and found himself suffering setbacks soon after."Then I had some issues and I just kind of kept quiet."

Savard mentioned problems with dizziness, fatigue and depression as some of his biggest post-concussion symptoms. Despite the setbacks, he was happy to be back in Boston. "It is good to be back and be around the guys and just see everybody," he told reporters.

Head coach Claude Julien mentioned to CSN New England's Joe Haggerty that Savard will participate in the Bruins' off-ice team building event in Vermont this upcoming week.