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VIDEO: Tim Thomas Makes 'Save Of The Season' With 'Full Superman Dive'

The Boston Bruins fell to the Toronto Maple Leafs in a shootout Saturday night, 3-2. Tim Thomas made 38 saves but was tagged with his fourth loss of the season (and his second overtime-loss). His record dropped to 13-2-2 overall this season as soon as Phil Kessel's game-winning shot found the back of the net and Michael Ryder missed his chance. 

But it wasn't all bad new for Thomas. He did manage to make the save of the year when he absolutely robbed Francois Beauchemin in overtime. 

After the game, Thomas earned praise from both Beauchemin and Leafs' coach Ron Wilson:

"There's nothing else I could have done," Beauchemin said. "I looked up, it was an empty net and I shot it as hard as I could. His glove came up and saved it."

"If not for Timmy Thomas there's certainly no way the game goes even to overtime or to a shootout, because he made some unbelievable saves," Wilson said. "He was huge."