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Sturm Off-Ice on Friday, Not Related to Trade Status

Marco Sturm took a day off from skating with the Boston Bruins on Friday morning due to his recovering knee, and not because of his trade status with the organization.

Although Sturm’s trade to the Los Angeles Kings was derailed due to the state of his surgically repaired knee, he confirmed to members of the media that he did waive his no-trade clause for certain teams and Bruins’ general manager Peter Chiarelli and him have discussed a trade. Reports Comcast Sportsnet New England’s Joe Haggerty:

“Sturm also admitted that things are now awkward between player and team when he knows the front office doesn’t seem to want his services on the ice any longer.

’Yes it is [awkward],” said Sturm. “It’s not easy for me. Everybody saw it on the news yesterday too. But I told all the guys today and everyone understands. I think we’re all professionals and we have to go forward. We’ll see what happens."

The one upside Sturm saw in the unmaterialized trade with the Kings

“At least I was on the cover of every website yesterday.”

According to a tweet from the Bruins, Sturm will travel with the team for their game against Toronto on Saturday.