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NHL Power Rankings: Bruins Ranked No. 8 In SB Nation's Week 12 Rankings

The Boston Bruins stayed steady in this week's SBNation NHL Power Rankings. NHL writers within the SBNation hockey community ranked the Bruins (19-11-4) eighth in the Eastern Conference. The Bruins were ranked in the same spot last week.


The Bruins loss to the Anaheim Ducks last Monday set them back in the eyes of many of the voters. Two of the voters ranked them as low as ninth, while one moved them up to fourth.


The five voters ranked the Philadelphia Flyers (22-8-5) first in the East, with the Pittsburgh Penguins (24-11-2) close behind. In the Western Conference, the Detroit Red Wings (23-9-4) and Vancouver Canucks (21-8-5) were ranked 1-2.