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Milan Lucic Putting Incident Behind Him As He Prepares for Panthers

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic told Comcast SportsNet’s Joe Haggerty on Monday that he understands why he received his a fine from the NHL over his actions during Thursday night’s game with the Atlanta Thrashers.

Lucic acknowledged giving the middle finger to the Thrashers bench after being led off after his fight with Freddy Meyer, and understands that his actions had to be addressed:

“(The league) made it clear it’s something that shouldn’t be a part of the game, and I feel the same way. Looking back on it, it’s something I shouldn’t have done, but sometimes you do things that you don’t mean to do once you get your adrenaline going.”

Lucic claims that the Meyer left his feet on the hit on him to kick off the multi-player fight, which would warrant Meyer being reviewed by the league.

“(Meyer’s elbow) was straight to the head area. He’s a lot shorter than me and he did leave his feet.”

Lucic will be in the lineup Monday night as the Bruins take on the Florida Panthers.