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Bruins GM Chiarelli: 'There Is No Trade In Place With Marco [Sturm]'

We're now hours after a reported deal to send Marco Sturm to the Los Angeles Kings, but as of Thursday night, nothing has actually happened, and ESPN says the deal is "dead as of now." It seems that the deal has indeed fallen apart.

Meanwhile, word around the Staples Center, where the Kings tonight face the Florida Panthers, is that the deal has fallen apart--most likely after Sturm met with doctors in the afternoon for a physical exam aimed at assuring the Kings that he was fit enough for them to take on what remains of his $3.5 million contract.

Bruins GM, however, Peter Chiarelli did put out a statement late Thursday night regarding Sturm, and while he does admit to talking with other team about trading Sturm, nothing is in place yet: 

"I am aware of the various media reports today regarding Marco Sturm. I can confirm that I spoke to Marco about waiving his no trade clause and have had discussions regarding Marco with other teams. I can also confirm that there is no trade in place with Marco. At this time, Marco is a member of the Boston Bruins and will continue to train with our team."